Well shit

I have to apologize for two things.

First, I know I’ve been MIA forever and a day but I’ve got a queue of cases to discuss to make up for the lack of posting.

Second, as much as I’ve loved reading The Phantom Prince with all of you, I got a letter from a lawyer asking me to take all the pictures down.  As soon as I get confirmation that they are who they say they are, they will have to come down.  I’m sorry guys! I thought because I was posting personal pictures from my own copy of an out of print book, it wouldn’t cause any trouble.  I have explained that the purpose of the pictures is for discussion since the book is bonkers expensive and has been out of print for 30 years. But none of that matters because it’s Liz’s book and she’s allowed, under the law, to ask me to take it down.

I’ve been posting this for years now and in the beginning, I pondered if this day would ever come.  And if it did, what would it look like.  I always assumed it would be in a comment.  Not an official letter from a lawyer literally listing every single link.  That was a little bit scary.  Don’t get me wrong, lawyer was super nice in the letter.  It’s my first lawyer letter.  It’s kind of like getting a speeding ticket for the first time.  A tiny part of me wondered if whoever handled this also took the time to read the other stuff I’ve written.  If Kyle is still out there, they are totally cool with me keeping my Fuck You Kyle posts, that wasn’t in the list of required links to take down.

The real question is did Liz read it… <—I’m too scared to ask myself that yet.  My opinion of her choices at that time in her life aren’t exactly hidden throughout this blog.

Thus ends an era.


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9 responses to “Well shit

  1. Greg

    Intriguing. It’s too bad if this is being directed by the author that she wouldn’t discuss with so many interested readers. After all, she wrote the book and published it. Perhaps another edition will be coming out? I’d honestly love to read a new afterword all these years later. What insights has she gleaned? Her feelings about her own actions then and of Bundy now. How is her daughter doing? Does she remember Bundy? But I’d also get it if she just wants to put it all to rest. I saw where her friend recently spoke on a Seattle news program about their suspicions of Ted. She was present the night they met at the bar. It was riveting in its mundanity. So much darkness to live with I’m sure. We all make unwise choices in life, I’d love hearing what she has taken away from her years with Bundy. I’d also be interested in learning about her subsequent relationships, family and children. I find the memoir brave in its vulnerability. Her honest search for answers in a vocabulary informed by an experience few of us thankfully will ever know. If you are out there Liz, I thank you for telling your story. It has moved me deeply.

  2. Seth Smith

    Sorry they made you take it down. But shit, you went off the deep end with the Kyle stuff.

    • Kyle spent weeks having people come to my blog and continuously post links to his Facebook page. Sometimes you have to go all deep end to get people to respect what you are doing. Plus I love memes so it was a double win 😉

      • Seth Smith

        It wasn’t the same person.

      • Well enlighten me then Seth since you seem to know all about Kyle’s bullshit.

      • Seth Smith

        Because I was Kyle, but I hadn’t been to your blog before. It’s common for me to use random names online. I think multiple people were posting that FB link because those on your blog really wanted to read the book, but you were being a bit of a control freak about how much they were able to read and “discuss”. The whole “fuck you Kyle” was so over the top, it actually suggests a certain degree of emotional instability. You could have just deleted the comments of those who were posting the link and moved on, but you had to make this big dramatic statement. Anyway, I clearly remember apologizing to you because I hadn’t anticipated that reaction and you thanked me for the apology. We had even exchanged some friendly messages about the book. But I had a random urge to come back on today, and noticed you had brought up Kyle, like 2 years later and what you said was kind of weird. It was like you were saying “I don’t have to take those down! Ha ha!”

      • I’ve said this about 100 times already but I guess I need to say it 101 times. Every time someone comments, I can see your IP address. Since it’s a holiday, I have no desire to go back and screen shot the comments plus the IP addresses to show how numerous comments were linked to the same IP. I did delete the links. NUMEROUS TIMES. Like over and over and fucking over. But you and other assholes would not fucking stop. Until Liz’s lawyer sent out the C&Ds, that book was ALL OVER THE INTERNET. Anyone could google and find it. I don’t have the only fucking copy but guess what? It’s my copy AND my blog. I get to decide what is posted, when and why. Let me say it again since it didn’t sink in the first fucking time or the second fucking time, THIS IS MY BLOG. It’s not being a control freak. Anyone was welcome to google and find the damn book. I was posting for my own enjoyment because THIS IS MY BLOG.

        It’s incredibly fucking rude to come on here and bitch that I’m being controlling or how I brought up your bullshit 2 years later. Guess what KyleSeth, after I posted my absolutely kick ass Fuck You blog, people seemed to stop with their pointless bullshit links. What a shock. Bullies tend to quit once you call them out.

        And really? You’re butthurt I brought it up two years later? It was a joke because that post had high hits during the time the lawyers were figure out which links I needed to take down. And honestly, had to said hey this is Kyle, would you also consider taking down the Fuck You Kyle post since the book is being taken down as well and I’m still butthurt two years later. I would have absolutely seriously taken it under consideration. But instead you called me an emotionally unstable control freak for using MY BLOG how I wish. Someone didn’t learn the first time around.

      • Gregory Ellis

        Erase this nuts posts!

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