Let’s talk about why

Unless you live under a rock, I’m sure you’ve read the news about the church shooting this past weekend.

White male.  DV record.

What is up with that combination equaling a mass shooter?  Mass murder has never been a focus of my crime interests.  I don’t find myself wanting to really get the why of it.  I’ve always felt the why was simply because that person was incredibly selfish. Like epic level selfish.  I equate them to mothers who kill their children.  Yeah, I’m talking about YOU Susan Smith.

Mass shooters go into it knowing there’s a high probability they won’t come out alive. Much like a suicide bomber.  Also don’t give shits about them either. They too are on the too selfish to be alive list.  The only problem is, they know that. And they want to take out as many people as possible.  They think it will make their death more meaningful.  But have you noticed we now refer to them as “the shooter” and not by name anymore?  Finally, we are learning to take their power away.



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