I guess we need a refresher

Back in the day when I was posting Liz’s book often, I’d have assholes coming posting links to PDF versions of the book or Facebook pages of the book.  Y’all aren’t dumb.  If you want to read it bad enough, it was out there.  I took me all of a 5 second google search to find the entire PDF when I get the C&D on a HUGE website.  Ironically the next day, it was taken down so I’m guessing they got a C&D as well.  From what her lawyers said, they were basically sending it to everyone who posted it.  I wasn’t told exactly what triggered it other than they do that from time to time.

I posted the book for MY enjoyment.  I loved reading your comments and hearing other’s perspectives.  It was like having a really cool book club.  I did it at my own pace when time allowed since yes, I do have a life. I know, shocker, I don’t actually live in this blog 😉

So when people would come in and spoil the fun, I’d mark the comments as spam and move along.  But a few years ago, I noticed a flurry of the same link being posted.  On my side of the blog, I get to see the IP address of people who comment.  It’s not something I even looked at before but I started to and made note of the addresses of the comments and after a bit, was able to link them together.  Called out those people. And moved along with my blog and my life.

Yet again, I’m being told how and when I should use my blog.  Quite frankly, that pisses me THE FUCK OFF.  So once again let’s talk about the rules for MY BLOG.

The most important rule of all:

Unless I’m posting your published material, you don’t get to tell me what, when or how I blog.  At all. Ever. 

My only other rule is for commenters to be respectful of each other.

Luckily, I’ve never had an issue with that last rule.  Because the majority of you totally and beyond ROCK and I love that you take time out of your day to comment and share your thoughts and feelings.  You have no idea how much those comments mean to me.  It was literally the hardest part of taking down everything.  When I first got the email from Liz’s lawyer, I’ll be honest, I cried.  Because every comment was special to me.  I felt like I let everyone down.  That was a hard thing to swallow and post and tell you guys what happened.  But at the same time, I knew I had to do the right thing because above all, it’s Liz’s book and we all had to respect her wishes.

But here we are again.  Where people think it’s okay to call me a control freak for not posting on their schedule.  And then emotionally unstable for calling them out for being an asshole two years ago.  It really makes me angry.  I spent hours upon hours on my blog.  Connecting with people.  Honestly, I’m sick of explaining how this is my blog.  You’d think this being my domain would make all this self explanatory but I guess not. I guess it has to be said yet again that this is my blog.

This.  Is.  MY.  Blog.


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2 responses to “I guess we need a refresher

  1. Gregory Ellis

    Hey, hope I didn’t upset you. Just thought the person was really out of line and ugly. Apologies if i did! Love the blog.

    • I totally owe you an apology for my #no, I thought your comment was directed at me. Big big sorries from me! And a giant THANK YOU for defending me. I really appreciate it. All this is still very touchy since the C&D.

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