Cranky pants

Y’all, I’ve been a cranky pants lately.  I guess I’ve been off pouting that I got a hand slap.  But I can’t pout forever and life goes on. And so do we. Just how we do it is no mystery. One by one…we fill the days a thousand different ways.  Points to anyone who knows what that is from without looking it up.

The reason I’m back is there’s an old case that was renewed a bit with a recent mini series called Waco.  One of the survivors and one of the negotiators consulted to show each side of the siege.   But I still have SO MANY QUESTIONS.  Anyone familiar with the details?


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2 responses to “Cranky pants

  1. becky

    I watched most of it. I don’t really have questions I just wish the government would make note of this and in future, NOT attack compounds of crazy radicals like that with tear gas. Why force the issue? They had them trapped in their own self-imposed prison. The ATF could just stake it out and watch them for years if they wanted. Wait them out. Religious radicals are not rational by definition so why push them when there are babies in there? And of course then it led to the OKC bombing too because of their sympathizer nut job T. McVeigh…

    Anyway, I think the case you should be following right now is the Golden State Killer AKA the EAR/ONS case. This is California’s BTK. Unsolved for decades and he still walks among us! I’m “reading” (listening to) Michelle Macnamara (Patton Oswald’s deceased wife if that helps) book on it right now and it’s mesmerizing; like the worst car accident but you can’t walk away and maybe, just maybe, you can solve it. He could be the creepy neighbor living right next door. There is also an Investigation Discovery serious that came out this week. You gotta post about this.

  2. Hey, I thought you might be interested in this, if you haven’t heard Liz’s voice already:

    Would be interested in your take of her demeanor/tone and what not.

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