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Monday Monday…Case Continues….

I’m watching the private investigator hired by the Anthony’s right now.  He and Baez is arguing about if he tried selling some videos.  It’s no wonder he didn’t get anything for his videos.  They look like they are outtakes from The Blair Witch movie.  Or that they were taken by a nine year old with ADD.  Honestly, the video is of the woods and some guy poking a stick into things.  They “find” a flower bed with a trash bag in it.  He digs with a trowel.  Then he pokes the ground with his magic stick.  Really?  Don’t get me started on people searching for a crime scene without gloves on and touching things without gloves.  But if you find a trash bag buried in a flower bed, would you just poke the ground with a stick? Or would you DIG IT UP?!

He’s still yapping about how he thought it was taped over.  He talks faster than me and that’s sad.  Did nobody prep this guy?   This is Baez’s witness.  He never answers questions clearly.  He just comes back with “Well, they blah blah.”

HAHA the judge just told this guy to calm the hell down.  Because this guy is getting sassy.

Anyways, there was also a chemistry expert who seemed to come out on the side of the State.  That’s pretty awesome.  Was anyone else surprised at how much trash was in Casey’s car?  I understand it’s in a trash bag but I’ve never lived in an apartment that didn’t have trash bins so why would she put a bag of trash in her car?  My car is certainly far from clean.  I’ve got a soccer ball that I colored with glitter nail polish years and years ago.  Sleepy pants and a Ninja Turtles jacket.  Text books.  Old mail.  A fire extinguisher that my dad makes me keep in my car.  But I wouldn’t put anything in there that could stink.

It’s interesting that Casey’s competency came into question this weekend.  It seems as if one of her defense team brought it up and he’s not in good favor anymore but he can’t get off the case since it’s so far into it.  Now, if Baez was the one who brought it up, I’d be the first screaming SCAM!  But she must have said something pretty serious to have three psychologists/psychiatrists examine her.  I noticed she looks a little spacey today.  I wonder if she’s medicated today.  She usually has wide eyes and shows some annoyance every now and then but for the past few hours, her eyelids have been a little droopy.

With all the notes Cindy and George are taking, I wonder if they are going to write a book about Casey’s trial.  Didn’t Scott’s family do the same thing?  And then his half sister wrote a book too.  George and Cindy are broke so I wouldn’t doubt a book being in the works.

Well, so far today I’ve been bored to tears and it’s pretty much drained my laptop battery.   Once again the defense disappoints.  I know the point of the poking around the woods tape is to “prove” George hid Caylee but honestly, all you see is woods and poking.  If they’d found something of importance, it would be different but they didn’t.  Mr. Hoover should consider a new job.  Because as a private investigator, he looked very amateur.

New witness! Trial must be going a little later today.  Ahhh…it’s the poker.  Mr. Casey.  Whoa he had just gotten his license for private investigation the same year he got working for George and Cindy and he had worked for Baez’s law firm.  Oh yeah, I expect him to be real professional like.   He has an interesting accent. Sometimes it’s southern, sometimes it’s British.

I can’t believe people would take time away from their own family and life to go “protest” in front of the Anthony’s house.  What sad people.  Pathetic people actually.  What good does that do?  Like protesting is going to make her parents tell her to confess?  It’s just like people lining up to get tickets to sit in the courtroom.  I felt like after that last big fight out there in the queue, the judge should have closed the trial to outsiders.  It’s enough that it’s being broadcast live.

Oh Mr. Casey is hilarious!  He’s not allowed to say anything anyone else has told him and he’s all, “Well…I can’t tell you…so what do I do?”  I hate that I have to go grocery shopping because he’s a lot better than Mr. Hoover.  And the whole “to prove a psychic wrong” was really good.  I like this guy.  Poker or not.

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Really Cindy?

Back to our regularly scheduled programing!

The ball is in the defense’s court and at this point, I don’t even think they know what game they are playing.  After a few delays, all I’ve seen until today has been forensic experts contradicting what the State’s have said.  I think you can tell how half assed Baez is coming at this case because they had this guy who said that there was no dead body in the car based on an experiment he did with a pig.  However, any good scientist is going to follow the exact conditions and this guy just threw a pig in the trunk of a car and Caylee was supposed to have been wrapped in a blanket.

Want to understand what an unfeeling bitch Casey is?  When this guy was asked why his pig wasn’t in a blanket, she laughed.  LAUGHED.  That pig is supposed to represent her daughter and she laughs.  WOW.  Yet we are supposed to believe that she’s truly crying at a replica of Caylee’s skull.  Uh no.

Today they bring in Cindy.  I have major issues with this woman.  Why is Casey the way she is?  She gets it straight from Cindy.  From seeing Cindy’s interviews compared to her testimony today, I think it was pretty obvious that she was lying.  And really that was the best they could come up with?  The dogs were eating bamboo and she was worried and some how that ended up with her looking up how to make chloroform 84 times?  I’m pretty sure the forensic computer expert was specific, the searches were for how to make chloroform.  And that was 84 times.  The only think I could look up 84 times is David Boreanaz’s face.  And I research the shit out of everything.  I’ve read just about all the crime stories on Wiki and still, I’ve never read a case 84 times.

Of course the prosecution was all over that.  Records show Mama Liar was working.  When asked if she could remember if she used the computer (because remember she’s gotten on the witness stand, sworn she’d tell the truth and told detailed details about all those internet searches), she said it was possible.  Uhhh….either you did or you didn’t.  Her excuse was she went home early to look up these things.

I have to say that the difference between Casey’s lies and Cindy’s lies is that Casey whole heartedly believes her lies.  Cindy looked and sounded nervous.   Baez should have had Casey train Cindy on this.  I’m amazed that Cindy got on the stand and tried lying to save the daughter that accused her husband and son of molestation and killing her granddaughter.  But then again, even shown proof that Casey’s friends were all made up, Cindy wouldn’t believe it.

Their lawyer made a statement that they don’t think Casey is innocent but then he kinda clarified that it doesn’t mean they think she’s guilty of what she’s charged with.  But he didn’t take back his statement so I was honestly surprised to see Cindy up there lying her ass off. Especially considering that Baez was fighting to keep the Anthony’s out of the courtroom.

Today, Baez has to tell the judge how many more witnesses he plans on calling so he can get an idea of when this circus will end.  Any takers on how long the jury will deliberate?  I know people are calling it the new OJ trial but any educated, reasonable person could put the pieces together and come up with Casey killing her gorgeous little girl.  So far, we haven’t seen Baez prove anything from his opening statement.  He can call George to the stand but he’s already said he had no part in killing Caylee.  And he never touched his daughter.  They can call Lee and he’ll say the same thing, he didn’t touch his sister.  How will he sway the jury?  Honestly, I don’t think he will.  He clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing and I think he’s banking on appeals.


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The Casey Anthony Trial

Isn’t it weird that one little case is getting so much attention?  Take a step back and look at it for what it is.  It’s a mother who killed her little girl.  In many cases, that doesn’t even make the national news.  When was the last time you saw a blurb in the newspaper that turned into the trial of the century?  I fully blame Nancy (Dis)Grace for this one.  And boy, I bet she’s eating up all the fame and fortune that came from a little girl being murdered.  I think she’s a fat, drunk cunt but that’s not the point of this story.

Once upon a time, Casey Anthony gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Caylee Anthony.  Who knows if Casey just wanted a little doll to play with or if her parents encouraged her to keep Caylee but there she was, a mother before she could even legally drink.  Not even three years later, little Caylee was dead.

Adjusting to being a parent has to be tough.  Adjusting to your parents becoming grandparents is something not a lot of people talk about.  These are the people who yelled at you to pick up your things, grounded you, took away your keys and all the other things good parents do.  And then they turn around and spoil the crap out of your kids.  That can be confusing.  And I’m sure more often than not, parents have to deal with feelings of jealousy.  Thoughts about why they couldn’t act like that with you.  The truth is that parents have to be 100% responsible for their children and that payoff is being able to spoil their grandkids.  They don’t have to ground them, worry about their grades or boys or dances or dates.  They can fill them up with candy and ice cream and toys and send them back home to their parents.  That’s the cycle of life.

But when a woman becomes a parent before her frontal lobe fully develops, they might not be able to comprehend that this is life and you just have to raise your kids the best you can and then karma will come and give them children of their own three times worse and you’ll get to do all the fun things your parents did with your kids.  I really think that Casey was jealous of Caylee.  Especially when it came to Cindy.  It’s fully documented that Cindy and Casey had a very rough relationship.  You have to wonder how many knock down drag out fights they had.  And how many times George had to play referee.  Poor George.  He probably wanted a normal wife and a normal daughter and what he got was Cindy and Casey not being able to be adults.  Not even when Casey became a mother herself.

There’s been a lot of rumors.  Lee and George were DNA tested to see if either was Caylee’s father so that shows how serious the police were taking a lot of those rumors.  No stone unturned and all that jazz, I suppose.  Rumor has it that Casey wanted to give Caylee up for adoption.  A plan that I think should have been seen through.  Not only because Casey was so young but because her home life was not stable.  If Cindy had been an adult herself instead of a cat-fighting teenager like her daughter, she could have stepped back and seen that motherhood this early would not suit Casey.  I wonder if the chance to do it all over enticed her to encourage Casey to keep Caylee.  Rumor has it that Casey searched for someone to take Caylee which shows how serious she was not to be a mother.  Or at least serious enough to research her options.  Serious enough to hide her pregnancy in the earlier months.  It’s one thing to get pregnant while single and young but she wasn’t 15.  She was 20.  If she felt like she had to hide it from her parents, I feel like that speaks bounds to their relationship.

Casey kept Caylee and you’d think that Cindy would have been helpful and happy but, you guessed it, rumor has it that she talked a lot of taking custody.  I’m guessing she dreamed of Caylee being the perfect daughter, the daughter that Casey would never be.  Instead of helping her own daughter grow out of her wild ways, she used that opportunity to push Casey away further.  People ask about the parents of killers all the time.  Are they responsible?  Yes, I think that they, in some part, are.  Some might not be directly responsible but some really truly are.  Casey didn’t grow up to steal checks and cars and murder her daughter because she had a happy home life.  You didn’t hear, “but…she was such a good girl.”  We heard, “well…she stole checks and money from her family and friends…”  Like mother, like daughter.

I wonder George’s role in all this.  He and Cindy were set to divorce before Caylee went missing.  I wonder how this ex-cop ended up in a motel room, ready to take his life.  It wasn’t Cindy in that room.  It wasn’t Lee.  It wasn’t Casey.  It was George.   Did he want a divorce because he couldn’t stand all the fighting?  Here was this amazing little girl who was brought into their lives and they still couldn’t stop and get along.  Knowing that his little granddaughter would never come home may have proved too much for him.  As it would anyone.  No one wants to think their own flesh and blood could kill.  But I equally hold him responsible for Casey.  He was a cop so he fully knew what the world could be like.  I’m not saying cops have special powers to hold their family together but he had to have seen the signs that Casey wasn’t okay.   That adding the stress of being a mother probably wasn’t the best idea.

I think had someone cared enough to speak up, Caylee might be alive today.  Then again, hindsight is a real bitch.

The question remains, what really happed to Caylee?

Let’s break it down.

I watched George’s FBI interview and they are a complete contrast to Cindy’s interviews.  Immediately, Cindy starts to play the FBI against the local police.  Despite the local police begging her to listen to them, to help them, to give them information and paperwork.  Cindy went into the police interview almost combative in her mannerisms.   She was very clearly not willing to give them answers.  It was very much a power struggle.  The cop with the bald spot (forgive me bald spot cop, I do not know your name) took her hand many times, trying to connect with her, to get her to listen and she would almost play this game we played as kids.  Who can put their hand on top the most.   While George came in and gave detailed answers.  Cindy said a lot of “well you know, they did normal routine stuff.”  Every almost three year old has a different routine.  It probably would have helped to go into detail.  She woke up happy/sad/mad/glad.  She wore her pjs to breakfast and then she got dressed.  What exactly went on during those days?  Even the smallest detail could help.  Yet Cindy spent most of her time saying “well you guys didn’t come out and you guys won’t listen and are you looking for a dead Caylee or a live Caylee?”  I came out of those videos thinking that Cindy knows more than she’s letting on.  I think Casey said something or did something.

Cindy is asked about Zanny and she never once mentions that Caylee never recognized the name Zanny.  George is very open about noticing that Caylee never responded to questions like “How was Zanny?”  Or other “friends” that Casey claimed they were with.  But he noticed that Caylee always knew her Uncle Lee and his fiancée.  That’s not just something a cop would notice.  That’s something any grandparent who spent all their time with this kid would notice.  And how could Casey afford a nanny when she couldn’t even buy gas?  How is it that this little girl spent a year and a half with someone but no one ever met Zanny?  Was that the thing that Cindy figured out?

Cindy also claims to not even know Caylee’s dad’s name.  She thinks it’s Eric but doesn’t know the last name.  Later on, she says something like well if I’m even remembering his name right, it might not even be Eric.  Really?  My aunt knows my cousin’s son’s father’s name and his entire history.   Implausible.

Cindy also won’t give up her credit card information after being asked.  Her reasoning was that she looked at it and nothing looked weird.  Yet in the same interview, she’s saying how the police aren’t helping.  How can they help with little information? But of course she’s more than happy to tell the media that she knows who did it and when people find out, they’ll see Casey is innocent.  Really?  Then where’s Caylee?

George is different in his interviews.  But there’s a few things that make me wonder.  Not wonder that he was involved but wonder what kind of person he was.  He got caught up in one of those email scams.  He gambled.  He got $60k in workers comp and spent $40k on what?  Jelly beans and stickers?  It took two years for his knee to get better when it takes most people months.  I haven’t had a total knee replacement but I’ve had knee surgery and as bad as it was, I’m wondering why it took him TWO years.  Even though he’s open about giving information, some of the things he says towards the end really show that he was doubting his daughter on so many levels.  So much so that he followed her once.

So what’s really going on with these parents?  I think George would rather find a get rich quick, easy peasy solution to his problems.  I think he was probably the guy who pretended to work hard but never really did much.  He could talk a good game but could never really come through.  I think he married a wife that was domineering and emasculating.  Notice that during the FBI interviews, he never once says Cindy.  He says “my wife.”  He never says Casey.  He says “my daughter.”  Even when it comes to Caylee, the reason they are all there.  He says “little girl.”  I think that says a lot about how he feels about his family.  Either he disconnected himself or they disconnected him.  I think Cindy found control in life by controlling her family.  George talks about the time they found Jesse, Casey and Caylee in bed.  Any normal person would say awwwww and take a picture of this adorable, soon-to-be family.  I have friends with kids and I can tell you none of them can get in a sexy mood when there’s a toddler in the bed.  Everyone was clothed so it just was probably this sweet moment.  They probably were picturing many nights of them being together and happy.  Instead, George wants to throw Jesse out of the house and Cindy gets all pissed off and says this is her house and they have to follow her rules because they aren’t married yet.  If they’d been naked or half naked or looked like they’d been naked, sure.  But how messed up does a family have to be to turn something like that into pure hate?  Again, that speaks bounds right?

Let’s move on…to Casey herself.  This is a young woman who couldn’t even finish high school.  She got a job at Universal and then lied about not working there.  She got pregnant very young.  She had no idea who the father was.  She claimed it was Jesse and the poor guy was devastated when he found out Caylee wasn’t his.  Imagine how he felt later on when the Anthony family accused him of taking Caylee.  There’s been a ton of speculation on who her father was.  I just think it’s sad that this little girl never got to meet her dad.  And I feel bad for all the men Casey tried to pin it on.  Here’s another rumor has it….Casey herself was the reason Lee had to be DNA tested.  One thing you can say for Casey is that the girl can spin a web of lies.  Even when she’s exposed, she’s got back ups.  Back up lies.  Made up people.  I mean, the police showed Cindy a list of people that Casey talked about and none were real.  That’s just not normal.  Most people who lie make up simple and easy lies.  Casey went all out.   She went as far as taking the police to Universal, knowing full well that she didn’t work there anymore.  That is pretty darn bold.  It’s one thing to sit in a room and lie.  It’s another to keep that lie alive.

And she’s keeping those lies alive during her trial.  Her lawyer, no doubt the set up for an appeal that he was incompetent during trial, came out swinging.  He said George and Lee molested Casey.  But it didn’t stop there.  He claims Caylee died during a tragic pool accident on Cindy and George’s watch.  Of course that doesn’t explain the duct tape over her head.  Or the decomposing material and chloroform from the trunk of Casey’s car.   He’s banking on the fact that all he needs is ONE juror to believe his bullshit.  At least one juror to hold out on giving his client death.  And because poor, sweet Caylee was found six months later, there was no clear cause of death.  You can rule out stabbing and gun shot or shot gun wounds.  You can rule out any sort of physical trauma because there hasn’t been reports of bone trauma.  I do have questions about toxicology.  Was there tests run?  Was there anything to test?  I know they brought in Kathy Reichs but I haven’t seen if she’ll testify.  She’s good.  If there’s something there, I feel like she would have found out.  But I also feel like she was on the defense’s side and that doesn’t bode well with me.

What causes death that doesn’t leave bone trauma?  Drowning, poisoning and suffocation.  Strangulation could be on that list since Caylee was so young and her bones were most likely more like rubber than hard bone so I think it’s plausible that she could be strangled and not have her hyoid broken because children’s are flexible.  Considering Casey’s internet searches, the most plausible theory is that Casey didn’t have anyone to watch Caylee and mixed up some homemade chloroform to give her a little nap so she could just be a carefree young adult.  Caylee could have od’d on it.  She could have had a bad reaction to it and thrown up and choked and died.  Casey could have poisoned her on accident.

But here’s another theory…for those that are still with me on this very long post, what if Zanny was really code for Xanax?  It’s been suggested.  George was showing some concern that Casey wasn’t telling the truth.  Cindy just acts off the wall ridiculous.  That chloroform search wasn’t done on her personal laptop.  It was done on the home computer.  Shared family computer.  I wonder if Cindy or George or Lee started noticing that Caylee was acting different and wanted to see if Casey was drugging her.  And I wonder if they looked at the search history and found those interesting searches.  I kinda feel like Cindy knows a lot more simply because no normal grandmother acts like that.  She acts like SHE’S being accused.

Really, I hate saying this but the only person who will ever know what happened that day, whatever day it was that Caylee died, is Casey.  She’s got a lot of issues so from here until the end of her life, however that may go, we will never, EVER know the full truth on what happened to Caylee Marie Anthony on the day she left this world.  All we do know is that a country stood by, waiting for answers to where she was.  And they mourned for her when they found her bones.  Caylee will always be America’s adorable tiny star.

I’m sure over the coming weeks of the trial, I’ll have more tids and bits to add in here.  But for now, I think people might find comfort in the suggestion that Adam Walsh and Samantha Runnion and Caylee Anthony are laughing and giggling and playing some silly games that kids play, wherever their spirits may be.  Our little angels that were taken way too soon.

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