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Hell in an Orange Handbasket


I don’t know about you but I’m scared as fuck.  I don’t know what in the bloody hell happened in America last week but everyone pretty much went bonkers.  We know that’s going to be a cluster fuck of epic proportions so let’s talk about all the other stuff that happened while the world was ending.

Two things in California didn’t pass that I thought were interesting.  First was something I never thought I’d have to research to vote on but that was condoms in porn.  I didn’t even know where to start on that on to build an opinion.  I had so many questions.  Like why was it my business what someone else did in their sex life?  While these people were getting paid to have sex, a lot of people have to do that for free and no one was telling them they had to wear condoms.  I really didn’t forsee myself having sex with a porn star at any point in the future (not a knock to them because whew some of them would totally be on my list, I’m all kinds of happily married) so I felt like this had pretty much zero to do with me. And then was it a visual thing? Do people not want to see condoms? And then I realize it really wasn’t my business what people want or don’t want to see in their porn.

The results of that prop perplexed me almost as much as the prop itself.  Almost five and a half million people voted no.  Over four and a half voted yes.  That’s like eleven million people had to literally think if they were pro or against condoms in porn.  And yes, I giggled at that. Like… someone’s granny had to vote on that. It didn’t pass.

The second was repealing the death penalty.  There’s a man on death row in California that I’ve waited to be executed for years. Over 20 years actually.  Richard Allen Davis.  And even though Cali will probably never pick back up on executions, just the thought of that murdering rapist bastard getting a paper in the mail saying his death sentence was commuted to life made me hot white raging mad.  Second on that list is Scott Peterson. Out right repeal got denied but there’s another one that’s waiting to be called since it was too close.

Another thing I found interesting was how much money was spent on the props. For example, big pharm and friends spent $109,033,854.64 so drug pricing standards wouldn’t pass.  Tobacco spent $71,261,719.99 against a $2 tax on cigarettes.

What interesting props did you have to vote for?

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