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20 years

Hi y’all! I took a little time off along with a much needed vacation.  Once a year I go to a magical place where geeks and nerds and basement dwellers all can come together and be themselves.  It’s my most favorite con, DragonCon in Atlanta.  It’s staffed really well for the most part and put together really well.  The staff is working on sending videos to Joss Whedon to come next year and celebrate Buffy’s 20th anniversary.  Eliza Dushku and James Marsters and James Leary were our Buffy guests this year.  Their panel was really cool.  I missed out on seeing the Firefly people which was sad but Alan Tudyk was only there for a day and that panel’s line was bonkers long by the time I got there.

Gillian Anderson came for a day so I got to meet her.  She had a pin on that said “fuck off” and she was wearing a Wutang clan shirt.  Basically she’s like the coolest ever and I totally dorked out because I grew up watching the X-Files.

The last part of my trip to DragonCon is always a visit to Senoia.  If you are a The Walking Dead fan, you’ll know it better as Alexandria.  Greg Nicotero and Norman Reedus opened a restaurant called Nic and Norman’s this year so I stopped there to check it out.  TWD museum, gift shop and cafe is always fun.  I bought way more than I should have but I did a lot of Christmas shopping for some unique presents.

I always go with my childhood bestie and her wifey.  I am so lucky to have them in my life and I love that I get a week a year to hang out and have fun with them.  Bestie had to head back to work so her wife and I created our very own WalkingDead Geocaching game by finding places they’ve filmed at.  Unfortunately, it was a studio filming day (The Kingdom scenes for episode 10, rumor has it) so we couldn’t catch the cast actively filming despite our sitting outside of Tyler Perry studios but we did find the alley where the infamous Glen Dumpster scene was filmed.  It took googling and eye spy skills and the luck of a nice fire fighter pointing us in the general direction but we did it!

Unless you live under a rock, I’m assuming everyone has been watching all the JonBenet shows?  I’ve watched them but I saved them all on my DVR so I’m planning on rewatching at least the Dr Phil shows and that dreadful CBS special so I can post each one and get y’alls opinion on everything.  I’m pretty set on what I think happened and feel strongly about the evidence that backs up my suspicions but you never know 😉


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What the what?

Suddenly, Casey’s “bombshell” video got released.  You know, the one that shows her reaction to them finding Caylee’s body.  Way to be, media!  Why in the crap should anyone care?  In the state’s scenario, Casey killed Caylee.  In the defense’s scenario, Casey knew Caylee drowned in the pool.  Either way, Casey knew Caylee was dead.  So who cares about the horrible quality, no sound video?  Really media?  Really?

I refused to watch the Anthony’s on Dr. Phil.  First, I think those parents are complete assfaces.  Second, Dr. Phil is a big moron.  Doctor of what?  Being a twat?  Boom roasted!  But I did see news articles where Cindy changed her story about 50 times during it.  The apple and the tree and all that jazz.

Onward to bigger news.  I’d followed a case for like 18 years and thanks to modern technology and the magic of mass information being available, I’m finally getting the chance to pick through real documents, real records and real information.  I’ve also experienced a first of changing my mind on a case.  What the what?!

The West Memphis Three.  For a long time, I was on the supporter band wagon.  I know what the south is like for anyone who is different.  Even back then, the forensics was lacking so much.  I knew that there wasn’t much blood at the crime scene.   I knew they’d confessed.  I watched the documentaries. A few years ago, I tried talking to some message board people to actually have a conversation about the forensics and the forensics alone.  To gain perspective.  I guess even then I just had that unresolved feeling.  I needed to know more.  I felt like there was more to the case. But take a look around, both sides are complete nutters.  No one can hold a conversation without name calling.  That’s sad.

Lucky they were trying to gain their freedom which meant tons of people adding documents online.  And since their release, I’ve had some time to read over some of it.  A lot of it actually.  On top of watching and reading some of the interviews.  At some point, I’ll make a snazzy list backed up with facts to support my opinion.  So until then, I won’t get into the nitty gritty.  Bottom line….I think they did it.  I think three child killers walked out of prison.  Not all killers go on to kill more people.  I knew a professor that rehabilitated an ax murderer.  You’d think that type of killer would be fairly far gone.  What kind of person would even attempt to do that, you know?  But my professor was the most bad ass of bad ass doctors and yada yada yada, no more ax murdering.

I think it’s 50/50 though.  For every chance that they won’t re-offend, there’s an equal chance that they will.  Ted Bundy fell into the latter category.  He escaped how many times and killed again and again.  But say Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme, neither killed anyone else.  They beat Pauline’s mother with a brick in a sock.  That takes some rage.  One is a writer and the other runs a children’s riding school.  Mary Bell killed two boys at the tender age of ten and eleven and she’s now a grandmother.

With the human race, everything is pretty much a coin toss.

I plan on posting more but Wolfram & Hart is hitting a busy season and a girl has to pay her bills.  They seem to be never ending.  And some of those bitches require checks.  It’s like, get with the online credit card accepting world please?  Plus I really need that new Jackie O  book.  My grandmother said she was a complete whore but she’s an idol in my eyes.  I watched the special.  I’m in awe of her.


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Miss me?

I haven’t forgotten about my kick ass blog here! I just started a new job and training was really intense.  So if you hear me mention Wolfram and Hart, that’s my job.  That’s not really where I work but I know better than to post all my business online.  I mean, I thought we had freedom of speech and all that jazz but who knows these days.

Color me impressed that a certain most hated woman in America can stay hidden for this long.  I doubt that will be forever.  George and Cindy already sold out to Dr. Phil.  Boy is that guy a complete waste of space.  Doctor of what?  Being a lame douche?  From what I’ve read, they say Caylee drowned while Casey had a seizure.  And the seizures made it where she couldn’t tell reality from fiction.  And boy do they have the red ass that Jesse Grund wants to write a book.  They all need to go away.  Get real jobs and perhaps give back to the community that rallied and searched for their granddaughter instead of traveling around giving interviews and changing their story a million times.

The West Memphis Three was released!  This is a case I’d followed since I was very young and while I’m beyond glad they are out, I think it’s horrible that they had to plead guilty.  DNA proved who the killer was.  It’s a great case to research but don’t get too wrapped up in some of the message boards because there’s some whackadoodles out there.  Pay attention to the forensics.

9/11 is on all of our minds this weekend.  How could it not?  It’s been 10 years.  But please, don’t be one of those people who copy and paste some lame message.  Take the time to write a PERSONAL message thanking the men and women who risked or lost their lives and the families of those.  Even if no one sees it, it’s the right thing to do.  And also, take the time to think about the people who got caught in the aftermath of that horrible day.  People who practiced religions that the attackers practiced but had nothing to do with 9/11.  People who shared the same physical features.  People who were sent away and bad things happened to them because a small group of extremists decided we were  the enemy.  Remember that Islamic Extremists is to Islam as the KKK is to Christianity.  It’s not an entire country, it’s not an entire religion.  It’s a group of people who are bat shit nutters that hate us and what we stand for.

I was a college freshman that day.  I woke up to all the tvs being on in my apartment.  I couldn’t even comprehend what was happening.  I don’t think anyone could.  Even the people right there watching probably thought, “is this really happening?”  The images that terrifies me the most are the ones of people jumping.  I watched part of a documentary tonight that showed pictures of the people in mid jump.  Tasteless in my opinion but I’m just one person.  I watched a show about the people on the flights.  The parents who were on the phone with their son when the plane hit.  His last soft words of “oh my god, oh my god.”  With his wife and baby at his side.  Because the second flight into the towers…they’d hijacked for almost 20 minutes.  20 minutes doing something fun, it goes by so fast.  20 minutes of being terrified probably felt like days.  Seeing that you are going to fly into a building at a high speed…I cannot begin to think about what their son went through.  And how they literally watched it happen on the news while they were talking to him.

Tragedy is not racist.  It’s not sexist.  It touches lives at every age, every income level, every religion.  My hope for us and our world is that we remember this and learn compassion.  It’s easy to get frustrated and angry.  It’s harder to take the time and remember that we are all just human.  We all have stories.

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