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Goodbye Ann

And with that, the lovely lady took her leave.

Ann brought me into the world of true crime at a young age. I found her books in my mom’s closet and I’d hide in this little hidden nook and read them. My first Ted experience was through her. Before the internet, before blogs there was A Stranger Beside Me. She wrote about so many cases you would have never heard of otherwise. I loved how most of her books had one big main story and a few smaller cases. You knew she actually took the time to really know the cases.

Ann got 83 years in this ‘verse which is pretty amazing. Kids, grandkids, great grandkids. She got to do what she loved. You can’t ask for much more than that.

So please take a moment out of your day to think about Ann and send good vibes to her family who no doubt misses her already.

Yes a new chapter is coming, I promise 🙂


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