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20 years

Hi y’all! I took a little time off along with a much needed vacation.  Once a year I go to a magical place where geeks and nerds and basement dwellers all can come together and be themselves.  It’s my most favorite con, DragonCon in Atlanta.  It’s staffed really well for the most part and put together really well.  The staff is working on sending videos to Joss Whedon to come next year and celebrate Buffy’s 20th anniversary.  Eliza Dushku and James Marsters and James Leary were our Buffy guests this year.  Their panel was really cool.  I missed out on seeing the Firefly people which was sad but Alan Tudyk was only there for a day and that panel’s line was bonkers long by the time I got there.

Gillian Anderson came for a day so I got to meet her.  She had a pin on that said “fuck off” and she was wearing a Wutang clan shirt.  Basically she’s like the coolest ever and I totally dorked out because I grew up watching the X-Files.

The last part of my trip to DragonCon is always a visit to Senoia.  If you are a The Walking Dead fan, you’ll know it better as Alexandria.  Greg Nicotero and Norman Reedus opened a restaurant called Nic and Norman’s this year so I stopped there to check it out.  TWD museum, gift shop and cafe is always fun.  I bought way more than I should have but I did a lot of Christmas shopping for some unique presents.

I always go with my childhood bestie and her wifey.  I am so lucky to have them in my life and I love that I get a week a year to hang out and have fun with them.  Bestie had to head back to work so her wife and I created our very own WalkingDead Geocaching game by finding places they’ve filmed at.  Unfortunately, it was a studio filming day (The Kingdom scenes for episode 10, rumor has it) so we couldn’t catch the cast actively filming despite our sitting outside of Tyler Perry studios but we did find the alley where the infamous Glen Dumpster scene was filmed.  It took googling and eye spy skills and the luck of a nice fire fighter pointing us in the general direction but we did it!

Unless you live under a rock, I’m assuming everyone has been watching all the JonBenet shows?  I’ve watched them but I saved them all on my DVR so I’m planning on rewatching at least the Dr Phil shows and that dreadful CBS special so I can post each one and get y’alls opinion on everything.  I’m pretty set on what I think happened and feel strongly about the evidence that backs up my suspicions but you never know 😉


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