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How about that Netflix?

Anyone else have Bundy overload? Or are you a newbie and you’ve stumbled onto my blog from the slew of new press?

I’m intrigued, y’all.  I just watched a short interview with Lily Collins who said Liz and Tina spent time on set.  It’s been 30 years of radio silence and now….I still really want to know what her perspective is now three decades removed from the Liz she was then.  I hope we get to see that in the movie.  I’m playing with fire a tiny little bit because…well enuii is a bitch.

In other news, Colorado has a problem with monsters killing their children’s mothers.  Between Shan’ann Watts and Kelsey Berreth, they have their hands full. But gone are the days of JonBenet and both times, the CBI are ON IT.  Both monsters are in jail. One already pled guilty and another has his mama pleading the 5th for his stupid ass.  Really wish these guys would just learn to co-parent with the women they chose to have children with.  The Watts children deserved a better father. And Kelsey’s little girl will grow up knowing she was there when her father murdered her mother…and had his girlfriend come clean it up…and her grandmother watched her mother’s body burn.  That is cruel and hateful to saddle an innocent child with.



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