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My beef with that damn Avery stuff

I’ve watched this documentary play out in the press, social media and message boards.  Theories, facts, figures, accusations, questions.  But what it boils down to for me is this…

Even then, our justice system fully had the technology to forensically determine how, when and where Theresa died.  And with that they could definitively decide who killed her.  But instead a bunch of dudes with tiny dicks and big egos stumbled, bumbled and jumbled up every damn part of the entire case.

Which leads to the whole world asking what the hell?!

If they did it correctly in the first place, LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO, we all wouldn’t be talking about it today.  If someone is murdered, the very least they should get is justice. Unequivocal justice.




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Fuck this new layout

I seriously cannot find anything.   I hate it. I hate it hate it.

So yeah anyways….

Basically we are at the part where Liz gets on my nerves.  She knew what was up for and it took one drink and half a nice sentence and she was all oh it’s us against the world, me and my rapist serial killer dreamboat ❤  Trust me, we’ll come back to this later where you guys are gonna be like hmmmmm.

New year!  Hey you guys, can I get mushy for a second and say how much I appreciate all of you.  I really do.  It’s been really fun posting this book and discussing it. I’m in  a discussion with a group about the Avery case. I think about how easy Ted fit into the real world.  He held a job.  Mostly.  He was social.  He was likable.  So I could see how most people need to see a real “monster” to believe someone could burn a woman’s body to smithereens.

Ugh I watched Nancy Grace for the first time since forever. I quit soon after Casey went free.  Nancy went into a tailspin.  I really feel like she taints fresh cases.  Media spin is powerful.  She does not use that with great responsibility.  She’s still a drunk twatwaffle. But she had Jodi on, sort of.  It looked to kind of be a short interview with Jodi? It wasn’t live.  It wasn’t much new stuff. We knew Avery and Jodi had DV stuff going on.  He threatened to kill his ex-wife in a letter to his kids so I wouldn’t be shocked if he told Jodi the same thing.




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Making A Murderer

Alright who’s watched it? What do you think?


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