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How about that Netflix?

Anyone else have Bundy overload? Or are you a newbie and you’ve stumbled onto my blog from the slew of new press?

I’m intrigued, y’all.  I just watched a short interview with Lily Collins who said Liz and Tina spent time on set.  It’s been 30 years of radio silence and now….I still really want to know what her perspective is now three decades removed from the Liz she was then.  I hope we get to see that in the movie.  I’m playing with fire a tiny little bit because…well enuii is a bitch.

In other news, Colorado has a problem with monsters killing their children’s mothers.  Between Shan’ann Watts and Kelsey Berreth, they have their hands full. But gone are the days of JonBenet and both times, the CBI are ON IT.  Both monsters are in jail. One already pled guilty and another has his mama pleading the 5th for his stupid ass.  Really wish these guys would just learn to co-parent with the women they chose to have children with.  The Watts children deserved a better father. And Kelsey’s little girl will grow up knowing she was there when her father murdered her mother…and had his girlfriend come clean it up…and her grandmother watched her mother’s body burn.  That is cruel and hateful to saddle an innocent child with.



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Chapter 17….Part 1

Alright, I’ve dragged this out and honestly, I’m sad to start posting chapter 17 because that’s it. That’s the last chapter.  Something I started doing years ago will be over.  I thought I’d be excited to finish but I’m sad.  Perhaps it’s the events of the last week and then some.  I’m only going to torture you guys a tiny bit.  Part one will post today and Part two will post next week.  And that will be all our Liz wrote.  At least that we know of.



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Fuck this new layout

I seriously cannot find anything.   I hate it. I hate it hate it.

So yeah anyways….

Basically we are at the part where Liz gets on my nerves.  She knew what was up for and it took one drink and half a nice sentence and she was all oh it’s us against the world, me and my rapist serial killer dreamboat ❤  Trust me, we’ll come back to this later where you guys are gonna be like hmmmmm.

New year!  Hey you guys, can I get mushy for a second and say how much I appreciate all of you.  I really do.  It’s been really fun posting this book and discussing it. I’m in  a discussion with a group about the Avery case. I think about how easy Ted fit into the real world.  He held a job.  Mostly.  He was social.  He was likable.  So I could see how most people need to see a real “monster” to believe someone could burn a woman’s body to smithereens.

Ugh I watched Nancy Grace for the first time since forever. I quit soon after Casey went free.  Nancy went into a tailspin.  I really feel like she taints fresh cases.  Media spin is powerful.  She does not use that with great responsibility.  She’s still a drunk twatwaffle. But she had Jodi on, sort of.  It looked to kind of be a short interview with Jodi? It wasn’t live.  It wasn’t much new stuff. We knew Avery and Jodi had DV stuff going on.  He threatened to kill his ex-wife in a letter to his kids so I wouldn’t be shocked if he told Jodi the same thing.




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Morgan follow up

Did anyone check out Morgan’s mom’s blog? I would so super love some opinions on that. I think there was a flurry of sleuthing on a few boards about it but I don’t feel like sorting through the bowl full of crazy crime boards have going on.

Most of the nay sayers say someone wouldn’t stalk a girl for months on end. But we know Ted hunted. What if her possible killer is a young Ted….


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Goodbye Ann

And with that, the lovely lady took her leave.

Ann brought me into the world of true crime at a young age. I found her books in my mom’s closet and I’d hide in this little hidden nook and read them. My first Ted experience was through her. Before the internet, before blogs there was A Stranger Beside Me. She wrote about so many cases you would have never heard of otherwise. I loved how most of her books had one big main story and a few smaller cases. You knew she actually took the time to really know the cases.

Ann got 83 years in this ‘verse which is pretty amazing. Kids, grandkids, great grandkids. She got to do what she loved. You can’t ask for much more than that.

So please take a moment out of your day to think about Ann and send good vibes to her family who no doubt misses her already.

Yes a new chapter is coming, I promise 🙂


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Protected: Chapter 9

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Discussion time! Ted on Liz

Fear not my fellow crime buffs, chapter 9 will go up this weekend!

In the meantime, I was replying to a comment and had a great idea for a discussion topic. Of all the police interviews, at the beginning and especially towards the end when he was close to execution, I don’t think anyone asked him about his years with Liz. We’ve heard him talk about murders, porn, being a serial killer. But what I wish we had were his deep dark thoughts on Liz. What was it about her that made him keep her around? What value did she bring to his life? In the book, Liz talks about how he had urges to kill her and Tina, even foiling his own attempt once.

I know a lot of people say she reminded him of Stephanie. But he relied on Liz for a lot. He willingly took her on trips, he spent time with Tina. And he trusted her enough to open up about his morbid sexual fantasies as well.

Wouldn’t you love to hear him talk for an hour on their relationship? From what you’ve read so far, what do you think he would say about her?


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Chapter Eight










Alright y’all, give me what you got so far? How are you feeling? Discussion is happily encouraged.


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The case that broke my heart and my blog

Casey Anthony.

I know, right? But there’s a rumor going around that NBC is sniffing for an interview from her. I am pretty freaking livid right now. That monster should NOT EVER profit from her crime. EVER. And NBC? If it’s that little twatwaffle Matt, that’s just…ugh!

The verdict in her case broke my heart. I kind of lost the heart to blog because I’d blogged pretty heavily about the trial. I didn’t and couldn’t get attached to another case like that. So I took a break. And came back to post the Ted book.

I hope to get back into blogging new cases soon. I’m obsessed with anything Serial. It would be fun to rehash some older cases.

Thank you guys for your patience. I had a sudden death in the family. It’s the first time I’ve had to feel like a grownup at a funeral. Proofing things and making decisions. That was kind of scary to have ‘the kids’ in charge. We survived it and we are all working on getting back to normal.

I have to give an extra special shout out to Big Fan for the kitty please gif. Points, my friend! That made me smile!

So put your mittens around your kittens and away we go!


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Chapter Two

Chapter one posting was successful.  No fussing, no C&D or anything.  Are you ready for chapter two?  Again feel free to discuss in the comments.  I’d love to hear some of your thoughts.













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